Conman tried to use fake £20 notes at shops

A fraudster who tried to scam a Bicester Village vendor out of a £2 bottle of Coca Cola has been jailed.

Omar Trueman, 24, of Orchard Street, London, travelled to the retail outlet loaded with fake notes but was caught out when handing over a dodgy £20 note for the fizzy drink from a food stall.

Spotting the strange feel of the currency and unusual design of the Queen’s head, the sales assistant refused the note and snapped a mobile photograph of Trueman.

She notified security who reviewed CCTV footage showing Trueman visiting a crepe stall with another £20.

Trueman was arrested and denied knowing the notes were fake.

A number of the notes had identical serial numbers on them.

He initially denied a count of possessing counterfeit currency with intent and another of attempting to pass the currency as genuine.

Trueman eventually pled guilty ahead of his trial and was sentenced at Oxford Crown Court on May 8.

Vanessa Halai urged the court for leniency given her client’s mother’s ill health and Trueman’s role as carer, but Judge Ian Pringle QC said the offence was so grave he had no option but to put Trueman behind bars. He was jailed for 10 months.

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