Need to address healthcare

From left, Cllr Pam Siggers, Cllr Des Healy, Cllr Cathy Augustine, Cllr Mocky Khan, Cllr Denise Macdonald

Didcot must address its “lack of healthcare” services for residents according to Labour town councillors.

A motion was passed at last week’s full Didcot Town Council meeting calling for the entire council to address the healthcare needs of residents.

Cllr Cathy Augustine proposed the motion, seconded by Denise Macdonald with contributions from Cllr Pam Siggers, calling on the council to “put pressure” on bodies responsible for healthcare provision in the region.

She said: “With Sustainability and Transformation Plans being introduced, cuts to services across the county are having a knock-on effect on Didcot. Muscular Skeletal Services continue to be a problem, with physiotherapy centres being reduced from 13 sites across Oxfordshire to nine including Didcot.

“This has a domino effect, putting more pressure on our local service.”

Cllr Macdonald added the rapid expansion of Didcot means healthcare is “lagging behind the population growth”.

Leader of the Labour Group, Cllr Mocky Khan, said: “We are delighted our motion was passed. Action delivered through the entire Town Council working together will have a greater impact.”

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