Fears over JR parking spaces

Campaigners are warning that a new facility at John Radcliffe Hospital could cause more parking issues.

Oxford University have submitted an application for a new neuroscience research facility and are waiting on a decision from a planning committee.

One Voice says the development would result in 157 new members of staff across the site and a potential loss of staff parking space, which could then lead to the use of visitors’ car parking spaces.

A spokesperson for the group said the new facility will also mean additional visitors to the site, additional pressure for parking on and off-site which may ‘further exacerbate existing issues including staff parking in visitor spaces’ and further issues with displaced parking in residential areas that currently do not have parking controls.

Car parking spaces are notoriously short at the JR site – just last year, the NHS trust that owns the hospital advised visitors allow an hour to find a place to park.

The number of patients at the hospital has increased 37 per cent over 10 years, while the number of spaces is unchanged – the car parking spaces remain at 730.

A spokesperson from Oxford University said: “This development will not cause a loss of parking space on the JR site.

“The application also includes a significant number of cycle parking facilities (74 spaces, with 18 of those being for visitors).

“We do not expect that the new building will increase visits to the site and no new staff parking permits will be issued – the new facility will house research that is already happening at the JR.

“The University encourages staff to travel by bike or public transport, where possible, and 64 per cent of our staff currently travel to the site by means other than car.

“With the improvements to bus and cycle access being carried out in the Headington area, we expect this number to increase in the coming years.”

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